RFQ for Wanted : Generator, posted by Importer from Germany
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BUYWanted : Generator

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Buy Lead Info
Posted on
19 May 2008

Buy Lead Details

We are searching for thermoelectric generator with fuel oil or gas (also dual)

Frequency= 60 herz
Capacity= 10 up to 100 megawats
Cif venezuela
Delivery= max in 60 days

Contact :
Elke Zieb


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Wholesale demand for : Generators (RFQ / Buylead from Philippines)
16 May 2008
Dear Sirs,

Please send fotos and quotation of this item.

Contact : Mr. Arturo Bartiquin   

28 Apr 2008
We are interested in import of used or scraped diesel electric generators up to 500kw.

Mian Inaamul Haque   

24 Apr 2008
Require petrol and gas generators.


22 Apr 2008
We buy all kinds of diesel & petro power generators, please send quotation.

Contact :
Derchurn Chern   

Wholesale demand for : Duel Fuel GT (RFQ / Buylead from Canada)
18 Apr 2008
Please send me details on this Ge Frame 9E GT

Contact : Shahid Raza   

Wholesale demand for : 2000 KVA DG Sets (RFQ / Buylead from India)
28 Mar 2008
Please send me details and cost structure of your generator sets.

Contact :
R Singh   

24 Mar 2008
We are interested in used gas and diesel gen sets fron 5KVA to 1000KVA please contact us ASAP.


Shoaib Hashmi   

21 Mar 2008
Dear Sirs,

We are interested in introducing / marketing high efficiency wind turbine generators (on turn-key basis) in Pakistan and are looking for wind turbine electric generators (Range 5KVA ~ 1000KVA Single Phase 220VAC / 50Hz or 3-Phase etc.) which can be operated in and around the coastal regions of Sindh & Baluchistan, major Cities in Punjab & NWFP. If you are interested in marketing your Wind Turbines / Renewable Energy Produts (i.e. PV / Solar, Hydrogen or Natural Gas or LPG Fuel Cell Gnenerator) please let us know before March 25, 2008. Further information about the company is available on request. Please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard.

Thanking you

Yours Truly,

M. Akbar Durrani

Wholesale demand for : Generator (RFQ / Buylead from Pakistan)
20 Mar 2008
We are intereted in the import of new generator ranging from 5KVA to 400KVA, we shall only work for manufacturers on sole agencyship in Pakistan.


Dr. Asher Rashid   

27 Feb 2008
We are looking for old and used cummins D.G. Set of 500, 750, 1000 & 1250 kva. Please contact us soon.

Contact : Umesh   

26 Feb 2008
We are looking for cummins 1250 kva and 1000 KVA diesel generator set, so please seller contact us soon.

Contact :

20 Feb 2008
Looking for:

132 kV Wye, 15 kV Delta. Type: 3-phase generator step-up transformer. Minimum Rating: 160 MVA (200 MW).

Beth Dumas   

Wholesale demand for : Used Generators (RFQ / Buylead from Pakistan)
18 Feb 2008
We are trading company and importers of used generators in Pakistan. We are interested in importing used generators. Please contact us if you have anything to offer.

Contact Person : A. Nadeem Akram   

Wholesale demand for : Electrical Generator (RFQ / Buylead from Tajikistan)
15 Feb 2008
I need to procure 10 generators 32 - 40 kva to send to Tajikistan - Dushanbe ASAP. I would like a quotation for price and airfreight and also your schedule for sending the goods. I am pm for FSD, humanitarian organization working in Tajikistan.

Contact : Valeria Fabbroni   

Wholesale demand for : Generators (RFQ / Buylead from South Africa)
31 Jan 2008
We are looking for brand name generators between 2.2 kva and 15kva. Must be immediately available.


Morne Strydom   

Wholesale demand for : Generators (RFQ / Buylead from South Africa)
31 Jan 2008
Dear Sir,

We are interested in importing generators to South Africa. Will you please supply me with a detailed catalog of what you have available? Thank you

Contact :

30 Jan 2008
Import to South Africa - power generators, solar systems, backup batteries, other energy generated products.

Tjaart Kruger   

25 Jan 2008
We are interesting for used or new marine engines and generators.
Let us know what stock you have with prices.

Contact : Kostas Zafiriu   

25 Jan 2008
We are requiring manufacuturers of powerplants generators solar power and ups systems to contact us.

Contact : Nicky   

Wholesale demand for : Generators (RFQ / Buylead from South Africa)
25 Jan 2008
I am investigating the importing of household and industrial generators to South Africa. The household generators need to be between 5 & 8kw. I am not sure on the industrial sets yet. The generators must ideally run off diesel, and must be able to link directly to the db box. I would like 2 options of both automatic kick-in, and manual operating.

Contact : Jason   




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